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Spatial and Objects Modeling

to Replicate the Real World


From getting up every day, going out, going to work, leisure listen to music, health, everything eyes driven by a pair of chips make life better and better


Development Kit brings your next Computer Vision AI design in action

Application Venues

Image by Redd
Public Area and Working Space

Utilize the stereo depth camera to provide the special and demographic data for the behavioral surveillance to increase employee or client well-being and optimize facility usage.

VR Interactive Sensory Game

Using computer vision and innovative skeletal tracking, we capture player actions and synchronize them with visuals and audio, creating a lifelike sensory feedback.

Fleet Crew Managing Intelligence

Given the rise of big data, real-time image streams with depth details of everything in its view can serve as one of the crucial sensors in gathering accurate data for business intelligence (BI), such as traffic monitoring, ridership trends, and trucking fleet management. 

AIoT Smart City

Converging Computer Vision and its empowered technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, and Cloud Computing, smart technologies provide vast potential to optimize energy distribution, streamline trash collection, decrease traffic congestion, and more with help from smart, connected sensing systems.

Convenient Shopping Experience

The unmanned store is taking the convenience of the shopping experience to another level and is part of a wider retail revolution.  In an unmanned store, an AI system and 3D cameras track the customer from the moment they enter, and together with weight sensors on the shelves, all the items they pick up are detected and paid electronically at the exit without check-out formalities. 

Make Exercise Easy

Besides using camera to take selfie and record your sporting experience, camera, especially 3D camera, can also aid with your exercises in many other ways.  Smart Fitness Mirror or Workout Mirror allows you to bring gym and personal trainer to your home.  Most smart fitness mirrors have integrated 3D camera to monitor your movements and help you on track as you exercise. 

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