Stereo Images

Integrated ISP controls two image sensors at the same time to align image orientation and quality.  A hardware mechanism stitches images with selected stream format to fit host system requirement

Depth Processing

Dedicate built-in depth engine process depth from stereo images offload significant CPU/GPU processing power from host system. 

Output format can be selected with different frame rate to reduce bandwidth requirement

HW Filtering

 On chip HW filter can be adjusted to fit different application scenario with minimal power consumption, neglectable latency and zero computation cost from host system.

Post Processing

Post processing give most flexible tuning experience.  Four set of filter can be fine tuned to get desired depth quality with acceptable cost . A visualize UI interface presents live tuning result in real-time.

Vertical Integration Ability

Self-owned ability from IC design to
end product manufacturing and

SW development ability provide
incomparable one-stop shop service

Inherited Value-Chain for IC Production

Outstanding position in

industry ensures product

quality and supply

Route to Market Advantage

Combined advantages and
accumulated domain knowledge
indicate customers short

and minieffort paths to Market


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